X flirt reader

Markiplier x Reader: How Flirtatious - Chapter 1

So that’s flirting? Dwight x reader (This xreader takes place around the time of season three season four-ish) You started your job as a sales woman at Dunder mifflen about three weeks ago.

Spain x Flirty! Reader (Romance Comes Naturally) | Various

Request: sherlock x reader where moriarty and moran flirt with reader please. You unlock the door as fast as you can, trying to escape the rain as fast as possible. When you get inside, you shrug of your coat while going up the stairs. Typical of you, forgetting an umbrella.

Dummy Thicc (Izuku Midoriya X Flirty?Reader) | Crazy Powerful

x flirt reader

Dummy Thicc (Izuku Midoriya X Flirty?Reader) Mikki. I put a question mark because I didn't really know if I could classify it as that, since it's more like a mix of

Pokemon Villians Attempt to flirt with you!XReader by Poke

You two go on with the flirting, talking about the stupidest of things, and it all ended in cuddles and kisses. Lazy Day // Levi x Reader. Aug 21, 2016

The Office Oneshots — So that’s flirting? Dwight x reader

Read Shoto Todoroki x Flirty! Reader from the story Bnha oneshots by Boobalabe (Anderson (Andy)) with 8,996 reads. bnha, bakugo, quirk. (Quirk- Succubus, basic

Pokemon Villians Attempt to flirt with you!XReader by Poke

2018 Jan 27 Flirt. Summary: Bucky always flirts with you. Being shy, you misinterpret his intentions. - from a request that I no longer have at the ready. Bucky Barnes X Reader

(Male) Reader X Flirty Slender-Woman by derpyjackson on

Read Flirt!Crush X Tsundere!Reader ≡ BAKA! from the story Crush X Reader ONE-SHOTS by Relodia (rel senpai 。˚ ⋆ ) with 20,122 reads. lemons, xreader, crushxrea

Morris Delancey x Reader: A New Beginning - Reese Is Away

x flirt reader

[Requests Closed] Who wouldn't want to kiss, kiss, fall in love with their favorite Ouran host? Enjoy this little book of Ouran High School Host Club reader-insert one-shots! Includes all the hosts and some side characters.

Loki x Reader - Flirting Chapter 1, an avengers fanfic

x flirt reader

Oct 18, 2017 · Bakugo Katsuki x Shy!Reader: Sealed With A Kiss You kept your arms firmly crossed over yourself, a large blanket covering your body as you laid on a lawn chair, while a majority of your classmates were having fun in their bikinis and swimming trunks, you were hiding underneath a large blanket.

teenwolf x reader | Tumblr

x flirt reader

Jun 11, 2016 · Ruby X Reader - Missed You Part 1 As you were sitting at your favourite coffee shop with your partner Mudkip, your eyes met a medium-sized poster that was hung up on the opposite wall. On the poster was an all too familiar face that filled you with both dread and excitement.

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