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stres randestress range. [′stres ‚rānj] (mechanics) The algebraic difference between the maximum and minimum stress in one fatigue test cycle. The difference between the maximum and minimum values of stress in a member which result from different loading conditions.

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stres randeThe stress RANGE is calculated as the algebraic difference between the value at MAXIMUM metal temperature and that at MINIMUM metal temperature for the cycle under analysis. You must calculate the full thermal displacement stress RANGE and compare that to the Code maximum allowable displacement stress RANGE (see B31.3 paragraph 302.3.5(d)).

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stres randeThe stress range that causes the crack to develop is the stress actually at the site of the crack, not the ‘average’ stress in the member. Thus, where there are stress concentrations due to local variations in stiffness or changes in geometry, a stress concentration factor (SCF) must be applied to the general stress level in order to determine a ‘modified nominal stress range’.

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Fig.3: Equation for Liberal Displacement Stress Range Allowable Occasional Stresses are generated by the occasional loads such as Wind, seismic, PSV discharge etc. This loads act in a piping system for very small period of time, usually less than 10% of total working period.

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Next, the stress ratio, or R ratio, of the test must be determined. This is simply the ratio of the minimum stress experienced during a cycle to the maximum stress experienced during a cycle. It is important to note that the stress values can be positive (tensile stress) or negative (compressive stress).

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The stress range histogram also denoted the stress range spectrum, is a representation of stress ranges and the associated number of cycles. It may directly be used as the basis for the fatigue

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stres randeFatigue limit based on a nominal alternating stress, S a: Can range from essentially 1 to 70 percent of the ultimate tensile strength. Example of a case where the fatigue limit may be approximately 1 percent of S u is a high strength steel with a sharp notch subjected to a high mean tensile stress in a very corrosive atmosphere.

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