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kurva czech

Polish lessons no:1 English : Fuck. Polish: Kurwa E:It's amazing! P: O Kurwa! E: Excuse me, what? P: Co Kurwa?! E: I'm so angry ! (shit, fuck,UGH FUCK EVERYTHING) P: KURWA MAC!

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Karolína Kurková (Czech pronunciation: [ˈkaroliːna ˈkurkovaː] ; born 28 February 1984) is a Czech model and actress, best known as a former Victoria's Secret Angel and Vogue cover star.

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Contextual translation of "kurva mach" from Czech into German. Examples translated by humans: shit!, nutte!, merde!, scheiße, verdammt, leck mich, mein gott!.

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kurva: [noun] prostitute, bitch. From many Southern Slavic Languages. Exists in Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovak, and Slovene. You

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Oct 25, 2019 · Ziemię pomierzył i głębokie morze, / Wie, jako wstają i zachodzą zorze, / Wiatrom rozumie, praktykuje komu — / A sam nie widzi, że ma kurwę w domu. He measured Earth and deep seas, / He knows how dawns rise and go down, / He understand winds,he gives practics, / But he do not sees he has whore in home.

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Czech, Slovakia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Bulgaria. They use a variation of the world known as "Kurva". You don't see it a lot because neither of them appear in a lot of comics. Croatia. Perhaps the most infamous, Croatia hates kebab not because he wants to follow brother Serbiaball, but the Arabs call him "Kurwa-tia". He

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kurva czech

In Czech Republic, such as in many other Eastern European countries, “Kurva” is used a lot as an interjection when someone is annoyed or surprised, just as in “Dammit!” or “Shit!”. It would be translated in English as a “slut”, a “whore” but it actually derives from Latin “curvo” (“to bend”).


kurva czech

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kurva czech

CZECH SWEAR WORDS General Czech swear words. If someone does something unpleasant, like step in dog poo (quite likely as Czech people still aren’t very good at cleaning up after their pooches), they might exclaim: Sakra! – Damn! Kurva! – Shit! / Fuck!, literally it means “A whore” Do prdele! – Shit!

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