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Have you read the definition for flirting? It means as light as humanly fucking possible to suggest relationships. If he, the teacher, is a responsible person he will ignore the act or just tease gently back. Why not? It's harmless. My teacher is teased/teases constantly with students who she could, technically, be in a normal relationship with.

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Answers. Of course some teachers, male or female, flirt with some students, male or female. But it's unprofessional and a breach of trust and the teacher could be fired or even arrested, depending on how far the "flirting" goes.

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There is many things wrong with this picture. 1.He is your teacher and could lose his job 2.Sexual harassment on your end 3.if you are a minor he will go to prison for it. 4.You are leading him on and don't want anything serious 5.You are a fucking slut and I hope you drown in a lake.

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how to flirt with teacherDec 09, 2010 · It's appropriate to flirt on some levels , like with females, I have a crush on my eco teacher and so how I deal with it without doing anything wrong or appropriate is I'll smile or blush when she talks to me or maybe twirl my hair and I'll lightly flirt , stuff like tell her she looks nice or if she asks the students if she looks nice I'll say

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how to flirt with teacherNo, but a teacher from my school was fired after flirting with sixth form girls. (Rumor)Another was banned from teaching for a while after he walked into a classroom with a boner. I seriously doubt that actually happened.

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