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Clyde & Co is a dynamic, rapidly expanding global law firm focused on providing a complete legal service to clients in our core sectors of Insurance, Construction, Energy, Marine, Trade and Aviation.

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Amclyde cranes, Amclyde offshore cranes, Amclyde lattice boom

clyde amateriCLYDE'S TOWER OAKS LODGE. Just beyond the beltway in suburban Maryland and adjacent to a 21-acre nature preserve, The Lodge has the look and feel of the log and stone "Great Camps" of the Adirondack Mountains built around the turn of the century.

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clyde amateriThe Town of Canton and Town of Clyde have implemented Stage 1 Voluntary Water Conservation Procedures due to lack of rainfall and low river levels. All water users are encouraged to reduce their water consumption and improve water use efficiency. Water supply conditions indicate a potential for shortage.

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Ever since we transformed a two-room watering hole into a preeminent menu-driven saloon over 50 years ago, Clyde's Restaurant Group has always seen Washington as more than a city of politics. Behind every one of the 12 properties owned and operated by Clyde's Restaurant Group is a concept designed to offer a truly memorable dining experience in Washington.

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clyde amateriThe River Clyde (Scottish Gaelic: Abhainn Chluaidh, pronounced [ˈavɪɲ ˈxl̪ˠuəj], Scots: Clyde Watter, or Watter o Clyde) is a river that flows into the Firth of Clyde in Scotland. It is the eighth-longest river in the United Kingdom, and the second-longest in Scotland.

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Town of Clyde

clyde amatericlyde's of gallery place Located in the renewed Penn Quarter and just steps from Capital One Arena, Clyde’s of Gallery Place is an opulent homage to Washington and American sporting. We’re open 17 hours on many days, serving classic American food as late as 1 a.m.

Tower Oaks Lodge | Clyde's Restaurants

clyde amatericlyde's of chevy chase Situated in one of the metro area’s most stylish neighborhoods, Clyde’s of Chevy Chase opened in 1995 and was refurbished in 2005. Since then, this popular destinations remains a vital part of the commercial center’s renaissance as a luxury shopping destination and walkable neighborhood community.

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